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Rose Pests & Diseases

by admin.

To keep your roses looking their best, we suggest that regular spraying of your plants to control pests and disease is highly essential. Here is an easy to follow spray programme that will help in the control all grubs, beetles, aphids, black spot, mildew and scale insect

WEEK 1. Spray with mancozeb, carbaryl and rogor. Or alternatively use Yates Rose Gun or substitute.

WEEK 2. Check for any pests and if any found, repeat week one, if none detected, no need to spray.

WEEK 3. Spray with Triforene or use Yates Rose Gun.

WEEK 4. Check for pests – grub, scales and aphids, etc. If any detected, spray with Malathon.

WEEK 5. Should be at the end of the month, return to week 1 and follow through programe again.

Always follow directions on pack for rates and pests controlled.

Note – Mancozeb can be substituted with Kocide or Copper Oxychloride.

If any further help is needed, please contact us we are more than happy to help.