Trading Hours & Terms of Business

Trading Hours

Clients are requested to note the following hours of trading:

Nursery Trading Hours:

  • June to September
  • Monday to Saturday - 8am to 4pm
  • Sunday - 1.30pm to 4.30pm
  • October to May
  • Monday to Friday - By Appointment only
  • Saturday - 9am to 5pm
  • Sunday - 1.30pm to 5pm
  • Office: Strictly 8:30am to 4pm (Monday to Friday)
  • After Hours: By appointment only

Contact Details:

  • PO Box 377
  • Bundaberg, QLD 4670
  • Phone: (07) 4159 7313
  • Trewallyn Nursery
  • 247 Wises Road
  • Bundaberg, QLD 4670

Please Note: No bare rooted plants are dug on week-ends. Potted roses and fruit trees are available for sale at above hours. Bare rooted plants can be inspected, but delivered or dispatched by rail or post weekdays.

Please note that this catalogue cancels all previous issues.

All plants grown by us are carefully nurtured, lifted, inspected and packed to ensure that they travel safely and reach customers in perfect condition for successful planting.

Limited Warranty

You are the reason for the success of our business and we want to do our best to retain your patronage for life. However, as Australia is a vast country with many different climates, soil and water types we offer no warranty expressed or implied, as to growth, productivity, description or quality and will not be responsible for the crop, as these factors are governed by forces beyond our control. If the plants are found to have been incorrectly labeled, we will correct the mistake with new plants, only when reasonable evidence has been forwarded to our office.

If you feel or suspect there could be a problem with our plants, you should notify our office upon receiving our plants. Any claims forwarded after 48hrs from receipt may not be recognised.

All sales are made subject to these terms and if the purchaser does not accept the goods sold on these terms, they are at once to be returned at customer's expense and money for the roses only will be refunded.

Online with Pay Pal, Direct transfer. Credit Card, Eftpos or Cash at the nursery. If credit card details are given at time of order placement it is Trewallyn Nursery policy not to debit credit cards until day of dispatch.

We reserve the right to alter priced without notice

Please add to your order notes a few names that could be used as substitutes; or please state if substitutes are not required.

Dispatch of orders:
Clients are requested to give full and careful directions with their orders as to the method they wish goods to be forwarded, i.e. train, parcel post or road. When no instructions are received, we send according to our judgment. Freight is extra on all goods and where possible charged to receivers end. Your order will be packed and dispatched as soon as practicable after the receipt of your order. We can advise how and when your order has been dispatched, if requested.

Those who have chosen to collect their plants from the Nursery are asked to allow two days' notice of their intention to do so; we would then have the plants ready, provided that the order is being executed in its fair turn.

Please Note - NOT all varieties listed in this catalogue are available in pots all of the time.
Please contact the nursery regarding availability, before placing order.